Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Help out Kubuntu

It's never too late to help out Kubuntu in the cycle Here's our work items for this cycle.

Some of the easier ones:

  • track down and update install docs everywhere for having a USB/DVD image but no CD image
  • review kubuntu active for app selection and good experience
  • Kubuntu Quantal Docs - carry on where top contributor LittleGirl had to leave off
  • Update ubiquity to match GTK frontend (the GTK frontend is getting a load of features which will mean the alternate images can go away like LVM partitioning)
  • ensure OwnCloud juju charm works (we like owncloud here at Kubuntu)
  • deal with Kubuntu unique strings now we aren't using Launchpad (should be translated separately either in KDE or in Launchpad).

and many more

Join us in #kubuntu-devel on IRC to help out

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