Thursday, 16 August 2012

Rekonq 1! Akademy Videos

[re-posting to a temporary blog site as Planet Ubuntu has stopped publishing my one, sigh]

Rekonq, the web browser shipped with Kubuntu, has reached 1.0 congratulations Adjam and friends. It's pleasingly stable and thanks to WebKit it supports almost all the modern fancy stuff in websites. Just a pain websites like BBC iPlayer deliberately fail on it, bad BBC. Rekonq 1.0 is available in Quantal for latest Ubuntu users and precise-backports for those wanting to try it out.
Akademy talk videos are up. Even if you're not into domain specific debugging tools for Qt it's well worth looking at the Keynotes of Mathias Klang, Freedom of Expression and Will Schroeder: It has a heart, a brain and it's dangerous. Be selfish and share!

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